The Next Level of Security and Technology

You want to be safe. Grid Squared Systems will provide you with any level of security you desire to protect what is important to you. With access to the latest technology, you can have a new system designed and installed to your specifications, or an existing system modified or upgraded to meet your needs.

Surveillance Systems

Grid Squared Systems is recognized for in depth knowledge for CCTV design and implementation.

Saving space and costs, Grid Squared Systems can support hundreds of cameras installed over multiple sites with consistent high quality video recordings.

Grid Squared Systems’ technologies are bandwidth-optimized to provide top quality performance without overloading company networks.

Grid Squared Systems advanced storage architecture also provides a full range of networked storage options. Analog, Digital or I.P.-Based, Grid Squared Systems will design and install a surveillance system to meet your needs.

Advanced Video Networking

Delivering IT-grade networked architecture, Grid Squared Systems’ designs comply with the strictest IT requirements while leveraging the convergence of existing CCTV and IP infrastructure. Our system will record from any camera (be it analog, analog cameras over IP (converted through video servers), and IP cameras) with a complete line of networked applications. With intuitive designs, the network acts as a virtual matrix.

At Grid Squared Systems we provide in-depth support for flexible IT needs. We accommodate dedicated, remote and shared video networking, and offer an easy migration path with hybrid configurations.

Digital Video Recorders

Welcome to the digital world. State-of-the-art recorders let you view and record your premises from remote locations (even on your smart phone) Many popular recording formats are supported, from MPEG to H.264, Grid Squared will find the right recording solution for you.


The backbone of any high-end security system. Whether you are in the market for analog or I.P.-based cameras, Grid Squared can help you sort through all the various manufacturers and features to help identify the right cameras to suit your needs

Access Control Systems

Grid Squared Systems provides State-of-the-art access control equipment & software that integrates directly with the most advanced security technologies. From single door systems to multi-door, multi-location systems, Grid Squared can help you sort through all the manufacturers to find the ritght Access Solution for your business.

Intercom Systems

Protect your staff or your residence by giving them the advantage to safely confirm the identity of visitors and vendors before granting access. We can handle everything from one door intercoms to multi-unit apartment buildings. Both Audio and Video Intercoms are available.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Looking to secure your home or your office? Grid Squared will design and install a burglar alarm system that will provide the protection you require.

Central Station Monitoring

Grid Squared’s Central Station Monitoring Provider uses state-of-the-art technology to provide fast, accurate monitoring of your system. Be it residential, commercial, audio, or video services, we provide you with the quality your setup demands. We have the ability to monitor systems from various manufacturers, so if you are looking for a monitoring service you can turn to Grid Squared.

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