The GRID Methodology

GRID implements a proven methodology designed to mitigate risks, and avoid delays:

  1. A GRID Project Manager simplifies the process and streamlines complex or multi-site installations.
  2. Grid creates a comprehensive Site Preparation Plan to assure that the location is properly prepared for the installation. We address everything ranging from power supplies and rack space, to cabling and interfaces with other systems.
  3. The GRID installation teams perform various validation processes to make sure the system is properly configured for the environment, and to the required technical standards.
  4. The systems are now available for the customer to perform their specific acceptance tests.
  5. Upon the successful completion of the installation, Grid provides complete documentation detailing precisely how the solution was installed, configured, and deployed across the enterprise.


As required by the State of New York Grid is fully licensed to engage in the business of installing, servicing or maintaining security systems or Fire Alarm Systems

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