As a small business, you may be working on a tight IT budget. Upgrading your network infrastructure may not be your top priority, but it should be. As your business grows, your current infrastructures may become out of date, thus not allowing your staff to be as proficient as possible. 

Tips for Knowing When it’s Time to Upgrade

  • Business Growth & Expansion: When many small business are getting off the ground, they sometimes settle for a network that fits just right for their current need. As the business grows, some components within the network don’t quite work as well they should or simply cannot accommodate for staff increase. During times of expansion, your infrastructure should be able to adapt to growth fluctuations. Planning for scalability is essential from the get go.   
  • Data & Space Consolidation: On the other hand, your business may be cutting back, whether downsizing as a whole or attempting to minimize operational costs. In this case, virtualization of certain processes allows the business to make prudent changes without disrupting vital business interactions. Your network infrastructure must be capable of harnessing the true potential of virtualization to successfully maximize your bottom line and effectively lower your costs. This usually entails the upgrading of certain components which can better handle server and desktop virtualization in an effort to increase the proficiency and reliability of network systems.

While considering an upgrade, careful planning and a strategic approach can ensure your success. Collaboration between top executives, department heads, and IT consultants to determine your current and future need is crucial. Once expectations are established, your current network is thoroughly assessed, and your budget is outlined, the process of developing a network that is right for your firm can begin. 

If you are considering upgrading your current network infrastructure, please contact the experts with Grid Squared. Our team of IT professionals can help you strategically plan your upgrade, from assessment to execution.