Many firms approach cabling installation and infrastructure design with apprehension due to system complexity. On the other hand, over simplifying during the design process can also lead to issues further down the line, including the inability for the system to handle growth or system scale-back. Finding a “middle of the road” solution is the key to long term system success, cost effectiveness, and ease of use and maintenance.

Holistic system design can be accomplished by estimating current need, possible future need, and taking into consideration possible variables that can take shape over time. These variables can include company growth fluctuations and constantly evolving technology. The holistic approach to cable installation and maintenance can create a system that reduces waste and is robust, scalable, and agile; supporting current as well as future company need.

The first step to creating a holistic data center is effective collaboration between your IT service provider, key executives, and representatives from each department. Since the data center is the catalyst of today’s business ecosystem, it is essential to correctly evaluate current company need and successfully forecast for future need. Data gathering and analysis between representatives of each department, key decision makers, and an IT service provider can allow a holistic system design to take shape strategically. 

After the design is completed, and all parties feel confident about how the system will benefit the company over time, then the installation process can begin. The process of continuing a holistic approach to cabling infrastructure is an open- ended one. The system should be properly maintained and evaluated to ensure the firm is getting the most out of their current system. If the system has been designed correctly, system expansion and the introduction of and phasing out of certain components should be relatively hassle-free.

If you are considering a new or upgraded network system, please contact the experts with Grid Squared. We can help you devise a holistic plan for your cabling infrastructure and installation.