Advanced security systems are gaining popularity in the hospitality industry. Whether your organization owns 5 star hotels or owns venues that frequently hosts job fairs and festivals, IP camera system installation has become a necessity to ensure guest security.

In reality, many venues employ physical security, especially for large or ultra-publicized events. Physical security does deter crime, but when coupled with video surveillance crime prevention can almost double. In fact statistics show that in some cases video surveillance deters theft up to 53% more when coupled with physical security.

Top Advantages for Security Camera System Installation

  • Improved Guest Security: When properly installed, surveillance cameras can prevent guest theft and violent crimes. Strategically placed camera systems can monitor all high traffic areas in hotels, restaurants, bars, and venues. This allows 24/7 surveillance from a central location or from a mobile location. If a theft or crime has been committed, investigators can quickly access and review video surveillance information to bring criminals to justice.
  • Theft/ Violent Crime Deterrent: Many criminals find that large venues or buildings are easier to breach due to multiple entrance and exit points. If a criminal detects security cameras, he or she will be less likely to attempt committing a crime on your premises. 
  • Uninvited Guest Detection: In some cases, exclusive private events or hotels with enticing amenities can lure trespassers. Through real-time monitoring, your security team will be able to identify and apprehend unregistered or uninvited visitors.  
  • Minimize Staff Theft: If staff is aware of video surveillance they are less likely to attempt theft of guest or business property. 
  • Flexibility of Use: Advanced technology has allowed surveillance system installation professionals to place cameras virtually anywhere throughout a location. This allows hospitality industry professionals complete flexibility on where surveillance camera systems are installed and monitored. 

If you would like more information on how security camera installation can help your hospitality business deter theft and violent crime, please contact the experts with Grid Squared Systems.