As businesses face more sophisticated threats each passing year, now more than ever businesses of all sizes need comprehensive access control for enhanced security. Access control systems are no longer reserved for large enterprises, small and medium sized firms are equally vulnerable to both internal and external security breach. Honeywell has answered the call introducing a manageable and scalable access control system for businesses of any size.

The Honeywell NetAxs 123 is a stand-alone web-based system designed specifically for businesses that need an effective and easy to manage access control solution. The system allows security professionals and staff to monitor from 1-3 doors, but can expand its reach as the need arises. In addition, the Honeywell NetAxs 123 eliminated the need for licensure since no external PC server is needed for the system to operate.

Top Features of the Honeywell NetAxs 123

  • Security personnel and authorized staff can monitor real-time events while manually controlling door access and card readers.
  • The control panel is tamper-proof and can be run using PoE (Power over Ethernet), or 12V power.
  • The system is scalable and can be used to monitor multiple entryways using enclosures and add-on boards.
  • The system is web-based; therefore multiple authorized users can access via web portal significantly reducing hardware and software issues.
  • Costs for implementation in comparison to larger scale PC based systems is reduced since the system does not need to use PC servers or integrated systems to operate. 

For small and medium sized business, the Honeywell NetAxs 123 access control system seems a perfect fit for enhanced security. The cost of implementation and maintenance is affordable; allowing smaller firms to budget accordingly while reducing the risk of breach.

The experts with Grid Squared Systems have successfully deployed hundreds of NetAxs Systems.If your firm is interested in the Honeywell NetAxs 123, please contact us