Your comapnies network cabling is arguably one of the most important infrastructures your firm employs. Though if installed correctly these systems can be extremely reliable, it is imperative to your company’s up-time to have this delicate infrastructure regularly maintained. Proper installation coupled with vigorous testing measures can reduce the chances of system failure and help your IT team identify possible susceptible areas of error.


Cabling Maintenance Musts

  • Cable Connections: No matter how good your cable connections were installed, constant pushing and pulling will cause these connections to loosen or degrade. After having your cable connections checked, be sure to ask your cabling maintenance professional to arrange the cables in an orderly fashion. This will prevent connections from loosening or becoming damaged while moving or rearranging equipment. 
  • Tidy Bundles: Make sure all cables are tidy and bundled using the proper equipment such as plastic, non-conductive zip ties. This will prevent unnecessary slacking of cables which can lead to snags which can disconnect wiring or cause damage to the cabling infrastructure.
  • Affix Cables Securely: Always be sure to check and secure cable connections to equipment. Simply pushing cables in without tightening mount screws can cause poor connections which can damage vital equipment. Make sure Ethernet cables are twisted and locked and AUI cables are clipped securely in place. 
  • Maintain Clean Workspaces: Cluttered workspace can cause accidents. These accidents can lead to costly equipment repairs or network failure. 

Cabling maintenance tests should be performed regularly by a reliable cabling infrastructure expert. Though the above tips will help you and your employees avoid unnecessary cabling and equipment issues, cabling can still be susceptible to failure, regular testing will ensure your system is running effectively and efficiently at all times.

If you are interested in having your infrastructure updated or maintained, contact  the network cabling specialist with Grid Squared Systems. Grid Squared also specializes in high definition security system installation to help your firm prevent data breach, theft, and other security related issues.