As the old saying goes, “Time is Money”. This is especially true for people who manage communication networks.  When a staff member sits down to a workstation the clock is running and money is being spent. Every fraction of a second that the user has to wait for a web page to load or a file to download/upload represents time lost.  Now imagine these fractions of seconds over an entire network.  You can see how quickly it adds up even for organizations that only have a few users.  

With this in mind we are going to layout how the Commscope-Systimax Cabling solutions can help save time and money.

Commscope-Systimax designs, tests and manufactures all of thier components to be part of an end to end integrated solution.  Take a look a look at the image below which shows what happens when you have different suppliers and vendors providing different components.  Mismatched facets of your cabling network will restrict channel throughput at every interface and create weakend signals and slower performance.  This is true for both copper and fiber cabling solutions.  


Most vendors do not make all the the components in channel. Where Commscope-Systimax has the advantage is that they are a manufacturer that does make all the factors in the channel.  Each component is carefully designed and tested to make sure that its going to integrate with the other members of the channel.

When deciding which data cabling will be best for your organization’s systems, contact our experts at Grid Squared Systems. Our dedicated staff of consultants and technicians can help you design and set up the right cabling system for your business network.