Safety and security of your most vital assets relies on integration of several important systems within your facility. An Access Control System can ensure only authorized personnel can gain access to certain areas of your facility.

Authorized entry can mean the difference between data and staff safety and catastrophic loss. In some cases, many breaches could have been avoided if the organization took the time to investigate which system would suit their needs best. As each system works in conjunction with others to form solid layers of protection, access control systems can be considered an organizations first line of defense. 

Advantages of Access System Installation

  • Evidence of Entry: With an access system, you can easily keep log of those who enter or exit an area of your facility. In the event of an incident, this information can help you determine who may be responsible for damages. This system can also integrate with employee time and attendance logs to ensure timesheet accuracy.
  • Access Control: Card or keypad access systems offer complete control of authorized entry. This allows the user to control who may or may not enter certain parts of your facility. These systems can also be used to grant or deny access to equipment within the facility.
  • Asset Security: Access systems can effectively prevent data breach by granting or revoking access to sensitive information. In the event of a security or intruder breach, a system can “lock-down” areas of the facility, allowing personnel to escape harm. Some systems can be controlled remotely as well as on site.


For more information on the security system that will be best for your organization or firm, please contact the experts with Grid Squared Systems. Their staff is dedicated to helping you design, install, and maintain your security system for ultimate protection of staff, data, and equipment.