The first step in protecting your most vital assets is deciding that your business needs a security system. The next steps include, choosing where and how you want the system set up, which system will benefit you most, and what company you should trust to preform the security system installation and maintenance.

First, decide what level of security your home or facility needs. Answer questions like, what areas of the facility are most vulnerable? Where are most valuable assets kept? Where are employees most likely to face breach or possible hostile situations? 

The best way to begin answering these questions is by preforming a security audit. When choosing a company to handle the security system installation and maintenance, be sure they have a security consultant on hand. The security consultant can preform a security audit of your facility. He or she will use a systematic approach to determine areas need the most focus and which may be the least vulnerable to intrusion. 

Once the audit is complete, the security consultant or a security representative will devise a security package that best suits your needs.

This security plan can include but is not limited to: 

  • IP camera surveillance system: This advanced monitoring system can be accessed from any location you have network service. You can view your facility in real-time. This type of security camera system is a deterrent for thieves or assailants who have targeted your facility, both externally and internally.
  • Access card system: This system can monitor and control who enters or exits areas within your facility. This system is versatile and can be set up to allow certain individuals access to an area others may be prohibited from entering. It is especially useful in forensic investigation to determine who entered an area and when if a crime has been committed.


Card Reader and Access Card

  • Intrusion detection system: The system can be set up to notify individuals within the facility or those who may be monitoring the property remotely.
  • Intercom system: This system can prevent any unwanted visitors by providng a line of communication to the entry area.  The person trying to gain entry can be fully questioned and with video intercoms you can verify the persons identiity visually. 


Aiphone Video Intercom

For more information on home or facility security systems, please contact  the experts at Grid Squared Systems. Our highly trained and courteous staff will help you devise and install the security system that is best suited for your individual needs.