Almost 20 years ago, industry leader Axis Communications released the first IP Camera System. The camera was the first of its kind to use a custom web server embedded inside, which gave it the ability to be streamed on a private network or even to the internet. An impressive and significant invention that some would even say was a technology that helped the digital age bloom into what it is today.


Axis Communications M3204 I.P. Camera

Jump ahead to 2013, and IP Cameras are just as vital to surveillance than they ever have been (and ever will be). And according to a recent article found here, from an interview with Axis Communications general manager Fredrik Nilsson, in 2014 IP Cameras are expected overtake analog in sales. A spread that could journey across many areas given its storied past:

Industries like education, healthcare, government and transportation were early adopters of IP video due to higher camera count needs and pre existing network infrastructures. After years of use, these segments are moving into the next phase of surveillance by using IP video to improve operations.

But they aren’t just for industry. IP cameras are also an affordable solution for homeowners looking to set up surveillance on their property. They come in a wide variety of resolutions and quality, and have tons of features (with more being added all the time). For example some of the newer models can even provide advanced analytics such as motion detection, audio detection and a tampering alarm. And with tablets and smartphones dominating the tech market, you can even stream live video to the palm of your hand whenever you want.

Installing IP cameras in your home or business can add security and peace of mind, for more information on how we can help you stay safe and in control contact us any time. Thank you.