We all know how frantic this time of year can be.  Booking those last minute flights, remembering you still need to buy a present for that one relative you forgot, and wading through mountains of potential gift choices can become an overwhelming event.  And with all this holiday frenzy, frazzled shoppers can become easy targets for petty crime.  Here’s a few ways to keep your customers confident about their shopping experience with you.

  1. People buy more when they feel good about the store they’re in.  There are many ways to accomplish this atmosphere, including the basics such as great and attentive customer service, making sure everything is organized and easy to see and that the store is safe, inside and out.  
  2. As the traffic in stores increases over the holiday period, so does customer confusion and theft.  Having an ample amount of retail associates on the floor not only provides a comforting presence for shoppers, it also serves as a deterrent to shoplifting.  These benefits greatly outweigh the increased spending on employee hours.
  3. Making sure that the safety of your customers and their newly purchased goods are at the top of your priority list will not only increase foot traffic but spending as well.  As in the stock market, spending is directly related to a customer’s confidence.  Help build that confidence by making sure there are obvious signs of people that are dedicated to the comfort of their shopping experience.  Having visible security systems outside of the store and in parking lots let’s people know that you are taking strict measures to make sure they have an enjoyable and safe experience shopping with you.


As we approach Christmas, make sure you are doing everything to make customers feel safe and valued in your business.

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