Most people assume that by installing a security system for their home or business, they should be safe from theft and other criminal behavior.  And why wouldn’t you?  That’s the entire point of spending all that money for installations, equipment and routine surveillance.  

But what if your security system wasn’t set up securely?  In the Bay Area, Kingsway Pharmacy thought they had a security system that was properly installed.  But when they were in for quite a shock when they were broken into and over 30,000 pills were stolen

How in the world did the criminals manage to get in and have enough time to create such destruction?  

Very simply they cut the phone lines.

The phone lines leading into the building sat exposed in the back of the premises and were the only connection to the monitoring company.  After cutting the lines, the thieves had all the time in the world to do whatever they wanted in the pharmacy.  The contract stated, in small print, that “monitoring center will not receive alarm signals when the telephone line. . . is not operating or has been cut.”  

Not only wasnt their alarm panel secure but the thieves also managed to walk away with the Digital Recorder for the camera system.

If that is the only connection to the security company, why wouldn’t they install some sort of back up connection in case of situations like this?  Without an official statement, we can only assume that they assumed criminals were not clever enough to search out phone lines leading to the building.  Or perhaps it was simply negligence.

Some of your other transmission options are via the internet and through the cell phone network.  Most newer alarm panels can handle many different forms of transmission. The image below is of a Honeywell 4G GSM Communicator. This device lives in the alarm panel enclosure and does not require a physical connection to a telephone company or internet provider.  Which means there is no cable to cut.  In the example above this device would have been able to signal an alarm event as soon as it occured even if the phones lines were comprimised.


A back-up way to transmit alarm signals should always should always be implmented in the event that one of the other signaling methods becomes comprimised.

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