Manhattan, NY—Richard Kowitt knows all too well the challenges of making the transition from traditional home automation to interactive business media. These days small businesses “Especially financial industry” is always on the cusp of technology when it comes to automation and business media. You can find CNN and various business analysis programs displayed on large screen HD plasmas in almost every financial institution. Kowitt states “ Years ago it was only large corporate offices that you would see the need for this type of automation, with a new age of business almost every office now has streaming media, HD cable TV and fully automated conference rooms. It’s just a growing trend”

Vnesheconomank is a perfect example. They requested a design to provide enriched media solutions to create dynamic atmospheres that enhance their brands and consumer experiences. “Not only is the client security conscience by maintaining their doors with a web based access control system but they are also technology driven for media. There are HD TV’s placed in conference rooms and large offices as well as individual offices that have the capability to bring cable channels right to their existing computers on their desks.”

Vnesheconombank chose as its exclusive security and audio-visual integrator Grid Squared Systems based in Metro area, an industry leader in designing, installing and servicing security and surveillance, telecom/data cabling, computer goods sales and service, and residential and business automation technologies