With so much talk these days about costly security projects designed to benefit over long term, it’s easy to overlook a far more approachable option. Updating older video-based surveillance technology with a network or digital solution that is appropriate for your building can be a simple and cost effective way to not only protect yourself, your neighbors and your property, but also your overall bottom line. Utilizing your existing wiring infrastructure and salvaging older equipment saves money and allows the project budget to be focused on improved video enhancements with newer technology implementations. 

Grid Squared Systems LLC a Metro are based security technology firm, announced the completion of a complete digital upgrade with Sage Realty. The firm was hired by Sage Realty in conjunction with SPC Services to upgrade security systems at five class A commercial buildings in the heart of Manhattan announced Lon Bazelais founder and Senior Partner of Grid Squared Systems. The buildings receiving upgrades, which included State-of-the-art digital video recorders and integrated CCTV monitoring systems at 777 3rd Avenue, 767 3rd Avenue, 747 3rd Avenue, 437 Madison Avenue and 320 W 13th Street. “When we began this project, the properties were already equipped with basic old analog cameras and VHS recording systems” said Bazelais “With the new systems, however the buildings and its tenants are going to be protected by cutting edge security technology that monitors, records, archives and completely secures all areas. To implement these kinds of system upgrades says a great deal about Sage Realty’s commitment to security”